Welcome To Our Facility!

We offer 6,000 square feet of gymnastics and tumbling equipment!  We have everything needed to teach tumbling, cheerleading, and gymnastics safely. Our facility is fully heated and air conditioned and is equipped with the following:

- 42 ft x 54 ft Baltic Birch spring floor

- 18 ft x 42 ft Baltic Birch spring floor

- 30 ft air track

- 30 ft tumbltrak

- 3 AAI regulation balance beams

- 1 set of AAI uneven bars

- 2 single rail bars

- Level 3 Vaulting system 

- Competition vault table

- Preschool-sized equipment

We also have a large lobby and parent viewing area with seating for parents/visitors! We do not restrict or close practices! We want to make sure you can always see what your athlete is working on!